What roles exist in AMS Payment?

Users can be assigned one, or more, of three different roles associated with AMS Payment. The roles are:

  • ePay Financial Admin: This role is the administrator for the company EFT account. Users assigned this role are able to manage and update the EFT account and assign up to three payment level authorizations to users with the ePay Payer role.
  • ePay Payer: This role is assigned to users who are able to review invoices and make payments. Users with this role must be provided an Authorization Code by the ePay Financial Admin that enables them to make a payment up to a maximum amount.
  • Applications: This is an existing role in KERMIT that carried over to AMS system when it launched. Company Administrators will continue to assign this role to users who will prepare and submit applications. This role allows users to view invoices in AMS Payment but not to edit financial information or make a payment.

A summary of the roles are here: