Monitoring Seismicity

Natural Resources Canada operates the Canadian National Seismograph Network (CNSN), which is a network of seismograph stations across Canada that detect seismic events. A seismograph is a very sensitive instrument used to record and measure seismicity or seismic events.

The BC Oil and Gas Commission monitors the CNSN for seismicity, and has worked collaboratively with Natural Resources Canada, GeoscienceBC and the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers to upgrade the network in northeast B.C. This work has resulted in an additional nine seismograph stations installed in northeast B.C., bringing the total to 11 in the region. CNSN data is collected in real-time and available to the public on the Natural Resources Canada website.

Oil and gas companies may also deploy dense arrays, either for their own research or at the request of the Commission. A dense array is a closely spaced network of seismograph stations that can collect data with increased accuracy.