Major Projects Centre

Major Projects Centre

What is a Major Project?

A major project is a proposal that requires a high degree of internal and external coordination. It often requires an Environmental Assessment by the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) and/or the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) in addition to the Commission’s own permitting processes.  A list of the major projects currently under review by the Commission are on the right. Click on the project name to see the application status and any permits that have been issued.

The Permitting Process

Many different factors are taken into account when assessing a major project permit application, including public safety, protecting the environment and consultation with First Nations communities. A coordinated review process with EAO ensures recommendations from the environmental assessment process are also taken into account during the Commission’s review. Click here for more information on the permitting process.

Types of Permits Issued for Major Projects

There are various types of permits issued by the Commission at different phases of a major project design and construction.  These include Investigative Use Permits (IUPs), Pipeline, Facility, and LNG Facility permits, and Road and Ancillary Site authorizations.  The Commission also oversees the full lifecycle of a completed pipeline or facility, including compliance and enforcement and any future site remediation once operations have ceased.  More specific information on permit types, including regulatory compliance, is available here.

Major Projects WebMap

The Commission’s Major Projects WebMap displays approximate, representative locations for proposed projects. Click here to get to the WebMap.  Each project icon or route within the map can be selected by clicking on it in order to view summary information and to access the specific project page, via the provided ‘Project Page’ link.  The zoom keys can be used to enlarge desired areas of the province.