Land Owners and Rights Holders

Land Owners and Rights Holders

Use our Inquiry Flowchart as a guide to help find answers to your questions or concerns about oil and gas activities. Do you have questions about an activity still in the planning stages, or concerns about an activity already underway? Are you seeking information about general oil and gas processes, or specific permits or documentation? Our Inquiry Flowchart will help you move in the right direction.

If you are a land owner, see the land owner resource page, which holds the Land Owner's Information Guide. This guide comprehensively explains the life cycle of oil and gas activities and what to expect during pre-activity application requirements and, through to construction of access roads, well sites, facilities, and pipelines to final restoration.  

If you are a rights holder see the rights holder resources page.

For more information on public engagement see our web page, or download a copy of the Stakeholder Written Submission Form.

Here are some external links for more information:

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Other Resources
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Land owners or rights holders requiring additional support and direction may contact the Community Relations department at