Public Zone

Public Zone

The exploration and production of British Columbia’s natural gas and oil reserves may involve many activities, including geophysical activities, constructing access roads, well site leases and pipeline right-of-ways, as well as establishing necessary production facilities. In some instances, these activities may occur on privately owned lands.

Community Relations staff within the Operations division of the Commission assist parties directly and materially affected by oil and gas activities and provide information sharing at the local level as well as impartial facilitation services between public and industry.

Commission staff also provide a number of communication functions and relationship-building tools designed to inform, educate and encourage participation of clients, industry and other stakeholders in oil and gas development in the province.

Services available include:

  • Dispute facilitation and resolution in the pre-application industry development stage.  This service provides impartial facilitation aimed at addressing and solving concerns raised in the predevelopment stage.  Outcomes of this service include application amendments and improved communication between parties
  • Landowner/public information service responds to landowner and public inquiries as well as organizes educational forums such as annual rural Community Awareness Meetings.

If you have any suggestions for improvement or additional informational resources, please contact our Community Relations department at 250-795-2140.

Or for public enquiries and concerns call:
Fort St. John: 250-794-5200
Victoria: 250-419-4400
Toll free via Enquiry BC:1-800-663-7867