Provincial Emergency Updates

This section contains information pertaining to emergencies affecting oil and gas operating areas in British Columbia. Companies are encouraged to keep staff informed of evolving hazards. Material posted to this page has been provided in partnership with other agencies.

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Reminder for Evacuation Reporting:

In the event of a natural disaster where a facility is threatened and evacuation becomes necessary, companies must report the status of affected locations.

General Incident Reports (GIRs) are sent to Emergency Management BC (EMBC) and must include the facility name, identification, location, and status (shut-in, etc.). Companies must also report any hazardous products and the amounts left on site. This information is for the protection of first responders working in the facility area.

To report facility status, please contact EMBC’s 24/hr Reporting Line at 1-800-663-3456.

Provincial Wildfire Updates

Fire Hazard Assessment

Provincial Flood Updates

Provincial Emergency Updates