Frequently Asked Questions - First Nations

The Interim Measures arose out of the Regional Strategic Environmental Assessment (RSEA) which is being done collaboratively with Blueberry River First Nations (BRFN) and other Treaty 8 Nations. The Interim Measures provide some additional protections to a small subset of BRFN territory of critical community interest. The Interim Measures allow BRFN to contribute effectively at the RSEA table by addressing these interests specifically.

The effective date for the RSEA IMs is July 16, 2018. Any applications for activities within Areas 1, 2 and 3, received by the Commission on or after this date are subject to the IMs. Applications under review by the Commission received prior to July 16 2018 within Areas 1, 2 and 3 are not subject to the RSEA IMs.

As part of this agreement with the Blueberry River First Nations, there are pre-determined areas where existing surface disturbances will be limited (referred to as ‘Area 2’ in the bulletin) or new surface disturbances will require offsets (Areas 1 and 3). Tenure requests and oil and gas activity applications within these pre-determined areas will be reviewed by members of the Agreement, to ensure oil and gas development occurs in a sustainable and collaborative manner. This Agreement should lead to better collaboration between government, First Nations and industry and is expected to improve relationships and create greater certainty for industry investments over the longer-term.

The form is mandatory for those applications that fall within the OGC Operational Zones: North or Central.  Please ensure the form is completed and included as a miscellaneous attachment with your application.

The Regional Strategic Environmental Assessment Interim Measures Agreement (Agreement), outlined in Industry Bulletin 2018-15, supports government’s Environmental Stewardship Initiative by creating a new way of collaboration between the Province and Blueberry River First Nations (BRFN) regarding resource development. Under the Agreement, certain areas within BRFN’s territory will be managed differently to address concerns with respect to activities associated with oil and gas development. The Agreement is expected to be in place until final recommendations are made under the Regional Strategic Environmental Assessment process.

The objectives of the RSEA IMs are to encourage the use of existing surface disturbance, and reduce the need for and restrict the development of new surface disturbance.  Concerns regarding financial compensation should be directed to the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources.

The IMs provide a review process with BRFN in areas of high interest to BRFN.  The Commission will continue to consult with other First Nations who may be impacted by the proposed activity.

The RSEA IMs were negotiated to address a specific set of circumstances unique with BRFN.