Frequently Asked Questions - Road

Road Width: Is the running surface area of the road.

Maximum Right of Way Width: Is the width of the entire right-of-way that includes the running surface area of the road and area needed to support the construction and maintenance of the road.

The “Add Segment” button on the Road Overview tab has been removed as a result of spatial validation changes which went live on Dec 8th, 2017.  The “Add Segment” button allowed Road segment spatial to be uploaded without an associated land polygon as part of a technical amendment.  This allowed incomplete application submissions into the AMS system, necessitating the removal of this option.

In order to add segments to new and existing Roads, spatial packages for Land/Land-and-Technical amendment or New Road Applications can be uploaded:

  • Through the Application Analysis tool.
  • Under the Spatial tab when creating the application/amendment.
  • Under the Spatial tab while the application is in progress or in revision.

Roads can be submitted as part of a multi-activity application or as a single activity application, but they do not have to be applied for specifically with the well or the pipeline. Roads will get a unique activity identifier and are not tied directly to the well or pipeline.