Frequently Asked Questions - Water Use Submissions

Users are required to generate and download templates in .xml format directly from eSubmission. One or many Water Use Numbers can be included in a template. Once a user has generated a template, they can enter the volumes for the month(s) they are reporting for directly in the template, save the file according to the required file naming convention, and upload to eSubmission.

Prior to July 2016, the Commission provided permit holders templates in .csv format. Historical .csv templates saved in .xml format are not accepted by eSubmission since they do not adhere to the structure the eSubmission is expecting. Additionally, historical .csv files are not accepted by eSubmission.

No. Users can download a template following permit approval, make edits to, and submit the same file at the end of each quarterly submission period. However, users must ensure the file name is updated each time a submission is made so it adheres to the required file naming convention. Duplicate file names are not acceptable. If a user chooses to generate a template for each submission they make, the template will contain any volumes previously submitted to the Commission. Previously submitted volumes will not be overwritten.

To work with an .xml files users will need to have an .xml editing program installed on their machine. The Commission recommends the free-of-charge Notepad++ program.

Once an .xml editing program has been installed, users need to set it as the default program for editing .xml files. In File Explorer, navigate to an .xml file, right-click and choose to open with a default program, and select the installed .xml editing program of your choice.