Frequently Asked Questions - Consultation and Notification

Yes. Applicants are required to use the line list posted in the documentation zone of the website. This specific format is required to be uploaded into the AMS.

There can be various validation errors with the line list: 

The header of both line lists provide instruction on the formatting. Applicants CANNOT MANIPULATE the line lists to change the formatting - this will give an error. In both the Rights Holder Engagement and the Consultation and Notification line lists, any values that can be selected from a drop down list SHOULD be selected from that list.  If there is any difference between the typed value and that provided in the drop down list, the system will generate an error. Selecting values only from the drop down list will avoid this issue.

Applicants will also get errors if they:

  • Cut and paste content from one document to the line lists. This will overwrite the formulas within the spreadsheet and give errors.
  • Clear the data and formulas in the list. If the formulas are removed it will give an error. 
  • Enter incorrect formatted values.  The system identifies where to separate these values via punctuation, etc, and if there is extra punctuation, there will be an error.
  • Try and upload a Rights Holder Engagement line list instead of a Consultation and Notification line list, or vice-versa.


The linelist are uploaded in to the AMS application and thereby, a printable format is available.

Applicants can select ‘yes’ to the exemption and must upload the approved exemption. 

As with current processes, the Commission does not accept a verbal non-objection.  If a documented non-objection cannot be obtained, the applicant cannot apply prior to the specified timeline.  The line list would require ‘yes’ to be selected under ‘non-objection letter’ for all listed landowners and a non-objection letter must be submitted with the application for each landowner.

No. All the C&N requirements are built into the AMS.