Frequently Asked Questions - Numbering

Yes. To support the transition to the multi-activity application approach, a change to the numbering system was made. No longer will OGC numbers or KERMIT SRA numbers be the main identifier associated with an application. All applications submitted in the AMS will be assigned an application number. This application number will be abbreviated as the AA# and will be sequentially assigned from AA# 100,100,000.

Upon decision, all activities permissioned will be referenced under an Application Determination Number (AD#). For an application including new activities submitted via AMS, the AD# will be the same as the AA#.

More information on the numbering system can be found within the Business Identifiers QRG.

All activities that have previously been permitted by the Commission will be assigned an AD#. These numbers have been sequentially assigned from AD# 100,000,000.

Yes. There are activity identifiers created for the related activities within the scope of the AMS, including Short Term Water Use (STWU#), Changes In and About a Stream (CIAS#), Associated Oil and Gas Activities (AOGA#) and NEB Ancillary Activities (ANC#).

These activity identifiers still exist in AMS. Applicants will be provided with their activity identifier(s) once they begin an application.

Please note: Activity identifiers may change if new spatial is uploaded while the application is in progress or during a revision and do not become "permanent" until an application receives a positive decision.

You can perform a search within the KERMIT database by activity identifier to determine what a specific AD# is.