Frequently Asked Questions - Application Status

Yes, however, an applicant has the option of revising their application in order to remove the activity or can request that the Commission proceed to a decision.  The Commission may choose to permit some activity and refuse to permit some activity.

The Application Analysis tool will only show if an application has been submitted. A user can only see the status of an application if they have been granted the “Application” role by the applicant company. The status is then displayed on the dashboard or in the header of the navigation panel within the application.

An application goes into 'Timed Out' status when it has not been worked on for a period of three months. At any point, proponents can change the status from 'Timed Out' back to 'In Progress (Draft)' by going into the application and SAVING it. Once the application is saved, the application status automatically changes back to 'In Progress (Draft)' and is again available for edits and updates.

NOTE: Applications that have been in 'Timed Out' status for a period of four months will be removed from the system.

Yes, but the entire application will be put to an ‘In Revision’ status.  The applicant can choose to revise portions of, or the entire application.

After receiving a request for revision, staff can change the status of an application to “In Revision” to allow the applicant to make the necessary changes. Additional information on the revision process can be found in the Oil and Gas Activity Application Manual webpage.

Both the process of putting an application on pending and the application withdrawal process are managed internally. An applicant cannot make these changes through the AMS. Applicants can contact an authorizations manager to make these status changes. Once these status changes are made, they will be shown on the applicants dashboard in AMS.